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Thursday, March 31, 2011

A New Perspective

I knew it was going to happen--had known for months, in fact, and I'd thought it was sinking in.  But when the call came, telling me I'd just become a grandmother "for real"--when I had a name, a birthday, a time and weight--it really hit me at last.  I felt breathless for a moment, and then it began to feel a bit unreal again (I could not be there to see or hold him immediately, unfortunately).  Luckily, the internet makes photographic evidence of such events almost instantly possible, and Oma (as I have decided I prefer to be called) soon had her picture, as well as the opportunity to hear the Grand Boy over the phone the next day.  I didn't know whether to laugh or cry and finally did both. 

Now one of his pictures is the background on my computer monitor, and I feel awe every time I see it.  I think of his grandfather, who is no longer with us, and know that he would be terribly proud of this boy and his mother, our own daughter who some years ago brought us the same great wondrous life change.   Thinking about what she and her husband have to look forward to leaves me giddy.  Motherhood may be as old as life on earth, but it's still pretty miraculous in my book. 

At this point, with my old perspective suddenly turned on its ear well and good, my plan is this:  I'll take this joy and run with it, since I have no idea what tomorrow may bring; I'm looking forward to having one more person I treasure come with me on the ride.  Maybe he'll even want to learn to knit, but if he doesn't, I'll happily teach him anything else I can.  I have the feeling he'll teach me a lot, too, and I'm excited about what he will know that I don't.  It should be quite a trip.


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