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Thursday, February 18, 2016

My Guernsey journey (part 3)

I finished the body a few days ago!  Whew.  I've also done the neck edging and completed one sleeve, but I don't have photos yet of that.  Working on it lately has been a little tricky, because my thumb wanted to bother me (tendon issues that come and go) and we have had unseasonably warm weather the past few days.  I love warmer temperatures, but having a wool/silk sweater on my lap creates a bit more than I need at the moment (the junipers have also woken up with our "early spring," which means I'm in sneeze mode, ugh).  

Here's the front:

Close up of the front yoke panel (Tree of Life) which helped me practice my cables (tinking those rows was not fun, so I learned quickly to be more careful).

I have learned a great deal so far and am really looking forward to finishing and blocking this baby.  And you didn't hear me say this, but I might actually want to do another...

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