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Monday, March 19, 2012

Sheep bits

It's been a short, weird winter, and just when I was all set to switch over to cold salads and fresh fruits, visiting the farmer's market in shirt sleeves to buy them, Old Man Winter decided to return on the coattails of the crazy wind we had yesterday.  We're talking wind that takes down trees and power lines and snarls up traffic because the dust hangs so thick in the air the interstate closes down and the mountains disappear behind the wall of dirt.  Even with all the windows and doors closed, I could smell the dust inside the house and sneezed most of the day.  So, what to do on a day so foul?

Get out yarn, of course!  

I may have mentioned before that I have an incredibly talented daughter who draws most adorable critters, some of which we have, through our combined sewing skills, turned into stuffed animals. So when she showed me some sheep & alpaca sketches recently and asked if I could knit or crochet them, I immediately said yes.

Much swatching followed, with various stitches presented to her for approval, and finally we settled on one that makes the critters wooly.  Next came the construction:  sheep faces are tricky, it turns out!  But on the third (or was it fifth?) try, we think we have some workable.

These really are sheep bits, I promise.  And I may even get them put together sometime soon!

In other brief news, this isn't the only place I'm behind.  Yes, there are new designs in the works, but I am woefully behind on my typing (a side effect of my day job, which involves LOTS of typing) and have yet to post February's (and now March's) patterns to make my goal of one a month.  I'll get there--please just be patient with me.

Meanwhile, happy needling!