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Wednesday, October 9, 2013

Another autumn approaches!

As the weather cools and the year begins to wind down, many of us turn our thoughts to fall projects (it's finally getting cool enough to hold a larger project on the lap, too!).  I've been thinking lately of making something for myself, something I don't often do.  As I look through cardigan patterns, I have yarn in mind:  I've been sitting on a stash of City Tweed from Knit Picks for a while now and wander the web in search of the perfect pattern for it.  My goal?  One of those wear every day around the house and everywhere else cardigans, the kind that are too comfy to take off but that also look great and instill confidence in the wearer.  Although I haven't found The One yet, I feel sure I'll know it when I see it...and maybe I'll even design it.  Over the summer, I've been working on some baby sweaters but after knitting four models and doing a workshop on the same pattern, I want to do a different pattern.  

Baby XO Sweater, now on Ravelry

Maybe I'll practice cables again, though Guernseys also appeal to me, or maybe I'll do a simple lace.  One can find so many choices!  I'm toying with an idea of changing a pullover into a cardigan, too, as I am fond of the trim but not terribly fond of pullovers.  The pattern still needs a little proofing and then I'll post pictures of that (I hope to release it soon).

Mostly right now I'm just wandering in the possibilities, which is sometimes as much fun as knitting an actual project... :)