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Monday, October 3, 2011

Riding the wave

October has always been a roller coaster month for me.  Some wonderful things have happened during October--my son's birth, the incredible changing of Nature's coat, the invigorating change in weather, and of course, Halloween, which I love.  Some terrible things have also happened; I won't name them, but suffice to say they're big events in my life.  Knowing this about October leads me to keep myself busy so I can get through the valleys of this roller coaster month, though I shall certainly stop to enjoy the heights as well. 

I am hard at work on the new designs.  

The test swatch has led to some changes and rearranging, but it's well on its way.  I'm looking forward to getting the whole item worked up and having a presentable pattern soon.  

I've also volunteered to test knit another designer's pattern, something I usually don't do, since time is short and I have so many of my own ideas to work up, but this one was just too lovely to pass up.  And we shall see how that comes along--I'm thinking purple!

Speaking of purple, check out Period of PURPLE Crying.  I've got a few hats made up to send off on my next trip to the post office, and I urge you all to help with this important work if you can.

Until next time, happy needling!